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OMEGAMON REST API now ready for your use !



Dashboard Example


We have shipped the IBM z/OS Tivoli Management Enterprise Server (TEMS) REST API support.   It provides OMEGAMON metric access in JSON format.   

 REST API works just like ITM SOAP, but less complicated and output is provided in JSON format. The RESTful service is available at IBM z/OS TEMS (both HUB and RTEMS) for pulling metrics and node status via GET. The RESTful service is implemented with OpenAPI Specification 3.0.3. 
This allows integration to 3rd party monitoring tools (Splunk, Elastic, Grafana) by pulling real-time data, as well as near-time history and building your dashboards.  
We created a sample dashboard using the REST API to prove the capabilities of the new REST API to show what you can do to build custom dashboards for your organization. This support is provided with the APAR and PTFs - OA64983 – UJ93639 for KLV, OA65203 – UJ93638 for KDS
     Also there is OA65553/UJ93910 (KDS), UJ93911 (KLV)- ITMz RESTAPI Situation support.

REST API documentation page: link

OMEGAMON Product pages: link