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You can now protect your sensitive historical OMEGAMON data

By JOE WINTERTON posted Fri August 12, 2022 02:28 PM


You can now protect your sensitive historical OMEGAMON data by using encrypted historical data sets for PDS V2.

Now PTF UJ08837 for APAR OA63356 introduces support for z/OS data set encryption for OMEGAMON Historical PDS V2 files.

To create an encrypted data set, a key label must be assigned to the data set when it is newly allocated. For PDS V2, the data sets are allocated automatically from within the monitoring server or monitoring agent by using the SMS data class that is specified in parameter RTE_PDS2_SMS_DATACLAS.

To use encryption for PDS V2, choose an SMS data class that has a key label (KEYLABEL) in its definition, and specify this class name in the RTE_PDS2_SMS_DATACLAS parameter.

After the OMEGAMON monitoring server or monitoring agent is recycled, it will allocate new PDS V2 data sets if they do not exist and make them encrypted. If the PDS V2 data sets already exist, the monitoring server or monitoring agent will gradually make them encrypted, one by one (that is, one data set for each subsequent data set switch). Each time a data set switch occurs and a new reserved data set is allocated, the newly allocated data set will be created as encrypted.

With the installation of PTF UJ08837, PDS V2 in general (regardless of the use of z/OS data set encryption) also requires z/OS 2.2 with OA50569 or later.