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IBM Z Container News for May, 2022

By Joe Bostian posted Fri May 27, 2022 07:50 AM

The end of 2021 saw the emergence of the Apache Log4j vulnerability and associated
attacks that caused us to take down a number of container images from the IBM Z and
LinuxONE Container Registry in response.  Our
strategy was to remove these affected images, re-build them as upstream fixes became
available, and re-post the images when ready. We will protect the fidelity of the
content we post here to keep the users of this registry safe.

We have been continuously building new versions of the container images in the
registry as new functions and security fixes become available from upstream
communities. A majority of images have been updated within the last month, and
maintaining this currency is part of our regular workflow. You can now see the
actual build date for each version of an image posted to the registry.

Some new function to highlight
- Tensorflow and Tensorflow Serving images have been
upgraded to version 2.7. The Tensorflow image (2.7-opts-vector) now has been built
with optimization and vectorization to significantly enhance performance.
- OpenSearch and OpenSearch dashboards. These are the search engine projects that
have been forked from Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Come and and visit our container image collection at the IBM Z and LinuxONE Container
Registry.  We'll update here again as news develops about containerized workloads for
IBM Z and LinuxONE.