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Rational Business Developer now available!!

By Jiyong Huang posted Wed April 01, 2020 09:21 PM


The RBD Fixpack was made available today, March 31, 2016.   

This fixpack mostly contains fixes. For the complete list, see the RBD Fix List page at:

In addition to the fixes, the following improvements were made to the product:

  • Windows 10 is now supported
  • Open Considerations for file I/O
    • In the context of file I/O that does not involve databases, the EGL open statement opens the file that is associated with a given record variable. As files are opened automatically by the EGL get or add statements, you can use the EGL open statement to clear the file without any actual I/O being done.

      For more information, see open considerations for file I/O.
  • setCharacterEncoding()
    • setCharacterEncoding() is a system function that specifies an alternative encoding for a CHAR, MBCHAR, or DBCHAR variable.
    • For more information, see setCharacterEncoding().
  • Support for CICS Channels on VSE
    • EGL programs generated for VSE CICS can now use CICS Channels to pass parameters. This means that you can pass up to 30 parameters of unlimited size (bounded by the storage available in the CICS region). Both the caller and the callee must be running under CICS. This feature requires CICS Transaction Server for z/VSE 2.1, which is available for z/VSE 6.1.

      For more information on CICS Channels, see "Part 8. CICS Channels and containers" in CICS Transaction Server for z/VSE V2.1 Enhancements Guide.

      For more information on EGL support for CICS Channels, see parmForm in callLink element.