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Japanese new era support

By Jiyong Huang posted Wed April 01, 2020 09:22 PM


EGL supports to format date with Japanese calendar which will have a Japanese era. Since May 1st 2019, Japan has a new era name Reiwa (令和). Please refer to Japanese era name for the detail.

In RBD 9.6, we start to support the new era name for Java when formatting a date. Below is an example to format with Japanese English locale.

myDate DATE;myJapaneseDate STRING;myDate = "2020/05/01";myJapaneseDate = formatDate(myDate,"JaGyy/MM/dd");syslib.writeStdout(myJapaneseDate);

The output will be "令和02/05/01" when running in Japanese locale; and "Reiwa02/05/01"

Notice that the COBOL and IDE are to be supported later.