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z/VSE Newsflash April 2021

By Jens Remus posted 22 days ago



  • Important z/VSE 6.2 APARs/PTFs
  • IBM Knowledge Center is now IBM Documentation
  • Miscellaneous

Important z/VSE 6.2 APARs/PTFs

  • APAR PH29953 “MISSING DATA AFTER DLZ004I WRITE ERROR” fixes a possible loss of data in DL/I VSE in situations in which DL/I VSE message DLZ004I (I/O-error) occurred.

  • APAR PH29950 “DL/I UTILITY IMPROVEMENTS FOR DATABASE RECOVERY” improves the DL/I VSE Log Print and Batch Backout utilities to allow database recovery in situations in which DL/I VSE messages DLZ004I (I/O-error) or DLZ005I (out-of-space) may occur.

Please see the z/VSE Service and Support - Corrective Service web page for complete lists of the latest APARs by z/VSE components and products.

IBM Knowledge Center is now IBM Documentation

IBM Knowledge Center is now IBM Documentation. Redirects are in place, so that old links should take you to the new location.


z/VM Continuous Delivery News

z/VM Development maintains a z/VM Continuous Delivery News web page that describes the various enhancements for z/VM, both the ones in progress and the ones they have shipped. This essentially replaced most of what was done via announce letters in the past. You will find some items that they are just starting to consider as candidates as well as those in various phases of engagement with Sponsor Users. It changes multiple times per quarter so if it interests you, consider being on the notification list by clicking the "Notify me" link on the left hand navigation bar.

z/VM MONWRITE Data and Migrations

The z/VM article MONWRITE Data and Migrations describes what to collect in support of upgrades. But it is a good idea to collect such data weekly or so, and just archive it. You never know when it might come in handy.

Handling CICS TS for z/VSE Storage Violation Abend Dumps

One of the most common CICS TS for z/VSE problems is a storage violation. Usually they are caused by customer application problems and not CICS TS itself. If you want to know how to perform the initial analysis check out Mike Poil’s presentation and recordings of Handling CICS TS for z/VSE Storage Violation Abend Dumps: Slides as well as recording Part 1 and Part 2.

50 Years of z/VSE - Voices from the IBM Development Team in Böblingen

In 2015 the VSE development team in the German IBM Lab celebrated 50 years of z/VSE operating system, originating back into the 60’s and the birth of the mainframe computers. Today, the OS is still running in data centers of a significant number of large companies around the world.

On reader request I am republishing the video 50 Years of z/VSE - Voices from the IBM Development Team in Boeblingen in the Library of the z/VSE Topic Group within the IBM Z and LinuxONE Community on IBM Community. Enjoy watching the video from the development team in Böblingen.

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