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Announcing IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Python vNext Beta is now available!

By Jennifer Rowan posted 17 days ago


We would like to announce IBM Open Enterprise SDK vNext Beta is now available! This beta is a full port of the Python Software Foundation 3.10.0b1 release. You can expect many new improvements with Python 3.10 including new syntax features like parenthesized context managers, structural pattern matching, improvements to static typing, and new features in the Python Standard Library.

 z/OS specific changes include:

  • Usability improvements in fork/multiprocessing, making fork more stable
  • Encoding changes to improve installing with wheels 
  • Improved the compatibility

To ensure that IBM is continuing to focus on features and functions that are important to our clients, we encourage participation in our beta programs. Our beta programs require no fee to enroll and allow you to influence the development and to gain awareness of new product features and potential enhancements. 

How to obtain the IBM SDK for Python -  z/OS vNext Beta?

If you would like to participate in this beta please send an email to Jennifer Rowan ( to get an invitation link.