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IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Python 3.9 is now available!

By Jennifer Rowan posted Fri January 15, 2021 10:12 AM


IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Python 3.9 is now available.  This release is based on the Python 3.9 community release.   

With this release IBM Z clients gain access to the latest and greatest Python community release.  Not only can you keep pace with development across all of your platforms, you can leverage your IBM Z assets like DB2 databases and datasets, as well as using the vast Python package ecosystem. Visit the Python Community page for more how-to information. 

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Python is a strategic programming language and IBM intends to maintain currency with the Python Software Foundation. This release includes: 

  • New dictionary merge & update operators for more succinct code
  • New removeprefix() and removesuffix() string methods
  • Type annotations in the source that now supports built-in collection types like list and dict
  • A new more performant parser makes it easier to add new functionality to the Python language
  • A new graphlib package in the standard library which supports producing a Topological ordering


Looking to get a jump start using Python on IBM Z?  Check out our video demos! Learn how to set up your virtual environment, or how to build a native package

To obtain the latest version of IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Python please visit the Product Page.