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Hack4Space: brought to you by DePaul University & IBM Z with Speakers from NASA

By Jennifer Honeycutt posted 7 days ago


Hackathons: Not just for Developers & Data Scientists

Hack4Space is a hackathon, ok, maybe a datathon. It’s for students geared toward leveraging space data to solve wicked, world problems teams identify using space data.

Don’t forget that hackathons aren’t just for computer scientists or data scientists. Teams need marketers, business leaders, project managers, and people passionate about the theme of the hackathon. We like to think of it as the “Four H’s of a Hackathon.” Do any of these sound like you?

Hackers: Hackers have the tech skills to collect, sort, and sift through data to find meaningful information. Hackers might be excited about data science/business analytics, computer science, or statistics.

Humanitarians: Humanitarians have subject matter expertise on problems facing the world today, either globally or locally. These participants might be interested in public policy, psychology, or education (just to name a few).

Hipsters: Hipsters know how to make connections and communicate the vision of the team to the world. You might be a Hipster if you work in public relations, marketing, theatre/film, or graphic design.

Hustlers: Hustlers know the ins and outs of the business world and how to make a pitch. These team members can be found in the fields of economics, business administration, entrepreneurship, and accountancy. 

If you fall into one of the categories above, you’d make a great hackathon participant!

IBM Z, NASA & Much More

DePaul students will meet experts from IBM Z, NASA, and much more! Participating students will receive training, an opportunity to win an internship +++ lots of cool opportunities with our collaborators to showcase your data science, project management, communication, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and other skills necessary to prepare for the future of work!

Did we mention that NASA’s Chief Data Scientist, Kevin Murphy, will be joining us for a talk? Yes, the Chief Data Scientist from NASA! We are excited too! Melissa Sassi, IBM Z’s Chief Penguin and Global Head of IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, will help you learn how to pitch like a startup boss as well.

Next Level Skill-Building

We know how digital skills are important for your career and that’s why we are providing this opportunity for DePaul University students to help take their skills to reach next level results!

DePaul University students will learn and explore several exclusive topics with IBM Z and NASA leaders including the following:

  • Space Data Use Cases with speakers from NASA and IBM Z
  • Machine Learning on IBM Z
  • Space Data Use Cases with a speaker from the Institute of Space Commerce & Geeks without Frontiers
  • Space Data Use Cases with a speaker from Hypercubes – a startup doing amazing stuff in the spacetech startup space
  • Enterprise Computing with IBM Z
  • Pitching Like a Pro with IBM Z

LinuxONE Community Cloud

Students can expect to receive free access to IBM’s LinuxONE Community Cloud, a free platform available to students to support their data science needs + training on how to use this AMAZING platform as part of the hackathon. For any student who uses the platform, a bonus point will be given to participating teams in final scoring.

Hack4Space Dates

The hackathon will start on May 7th where experts from NASA, IBM Z, Institute of Space Commerce, Geeks without Frontiers, and Hypercubes will talk about startup incubation and acceleration, space data, the LinuxONE Community Cloud, and much more.

From 8th to 10th May, DePaul University students will take their hackathon journeys forward to solve the space data problems identified by the students.

On the 27th of May, the top three teams will be invited to pitch their projects for a chance to win mentorship sessions with employees from IBM Z and NASA.  The winners will be announced in that session, and guess what?!

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

And guess what else?! Two data science internship opportunities will be made available to two students who make up the winning team, offered by spacetech startup Hyper Cubes. What else will students win? Mentorship from subject matter experts and leaders from IBM, NASA, and Alumni from DePaul.

Who is eligible to participle?

DePaul University students are welcome to participate!

For technical and non-technical students! If your field is marketing, business, project management, UI/UX … you can participate and develop your skills through this hackathon.

You’ve never participated in hackathons before? No worries! Join us!

If you are a DePaul University student and don’t have a team yet, we’ll help you identify a team.


With partnerships such as this made possible by DePaul University and IBM Z, we can literally solve the biggest challenges facing us today. Play your role and join us today.

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If you are a DePaul University student, register here before May 7.