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Impact of Technology on a Child born to Fail - Jay Gohil | IBM Z Ambassador

By Jay Gohil posted Wed September 29, 2021 01:53 PM


Alright, the title looks too cliché, but hear me out here. I am a child born into a family and society who had high expectations from me while keeping me grounded with encouragement to stay limited and follow the norms. My father worked at a bank as clerk and my mother was a primary school teacher, both pursuing a field unusual to them and their family. I grew up in a troubled family with familial issues from both sides of prolonged family. On top of that, I suffered through Chikungunya in my early years of development, went through 9 years of treatment for my dislocated & ill-sized kidney, have partially dislocated knee bone (that limits my ability to run) and went through 3.5 years of severe acne (that almost destroyed my self-confidence back in high-school being a teenager). I didn't have the best circumstances in life to be what and where I am today.

This is precisely where technology comes in. We got a TV when I was of the age to understand my surrounding. It had limited channels, but I loved to watch 'The Jungle Book' dubbed in our local language (learning and being able to speak, write and understand English was honestly a far-fetched dream back then). As long as I can remember, I always had two traits in me - to understand how things worked (what goes on in the backend) and understand how machines (and later technology) worked; all because of a TV that played cartoons for me.

Later, the Indian economy boomed, and provided more resources to middle class families, and my father finally got a Nokia 3310 (are you old enough to remember the iconic tune?). I was astonished to play the snake game on it and how it worked was completely out of my imagination. The involvement of technology only increased as the years passed by. However, the main transition in my life occurred when my parents took me to a nearby city to purse higher studies (X and XII grade) for better future.

This is where technology REALLY took me forward. I joined SBPS as my high school where I suddenly had constant access to computer (through labs), got a smartphone of my own, had friends who knew better about tech than me and altogether got more involved with technology. I had access to the internet now and thus, access to information I couldn't fathom about! I learned programming, personal finance and grooming by watching YouTube videos and tutorials. I was able to clear my doubts that my teachers weren't able to answer and just quench my thirst for knowledge and growth.

Fast forward to today, I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology (3rd year) in Information and Communication Technology at School of Technology PDEU. I am amalgam of an engineer skilled in Python, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Software Development and Cloud Computing; while being a Certified Six Sigma Executive (CSSE) with ardour and experience in Management, Finance, Business and Public Speaking.

I am a Google DSC Lead (1 of 350 in India), IBM Z Ambassador (1 of 150 in the world), Intel Student Ambassador (1 of 6 in India), Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, Event Ambassador (1 of 40 in India), AngelHack Student Ambassador (1 of 300 in the world), Vice President at Encode (Computer Science Club), Executive Committee Member at CodeChef PDEU Chapter and Technical Head at SnC PDEU.

I have undertaken 5 Technical Internships [Software Engineer Intern (InfoPercept), Full Stack Development Intern (SciViya), Research Engineer Intern (Xero Tech.), Machine Learning Intern (Widhya) and Data Science Intern (The Sparks Foundation) and 4 internships in non-tech domain [Campus Manager (myCaptain), Student Partner (Internshala), Youth Representative (myCaptain) and Summer VIP (Upkey)] till date.

I have authored 3 research papers (1 published, 1 accepted and 1 under review, all at SPRINGER), 2 conference papers (1 accepted at World Geothermal Congress 2021 and other under review at SPRINGER) and a book chapter (published at Taylor Francis). I have just finished writing an entire book for a contract with Taylor and Francis as well which will be published by either the end of this year or start of the next.

I possess 11 specializations in various domains from different reputed institutions (Google, Amazon, University of Michigan, University of Washington, University of London and deeplearning-ai). I have also completed 146 courses to gain knowledge in different field as well. Furthermore, I also received a full scholarship for NanoDegree from Udacity, which I completed and have graduated from 'AI Product Manager' NanoDegree program.

I also possess 8 badges from IBM for cybersecurity, 1 badge from Google for python, 1 badge from IBM for Data Science, 15+ badges from Google Qwiklabs for GCP and 10+ LORs in various fields for my performance in Workshops by myCaptain.

I have conducted (been a speaker at) various events including 7 technical ones (ML Algorithms, Open Source Contributions, Python Workshop, AI ML Workshop, Developer's Legacy Tools Event, Cloud Computing Open Discussion and Web Development Workshop) and 4 career ones (HR Summit Event, Internship Talk, Technical Experience Event and LinkedIn Workshop).

Today....., I am living in my hometown and yet am ready and able to conquer the world. And technology is helping me achieve that.

Jay Gohil (LinkedIn | GitHub)
IBM Z Ambassador 2021

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Sun October 10, 2021 01:51 PM

So happy for you! Keep going, the world has so much to offer!