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IBM Z Ambassador Introduction: Jay Gohil


Hey folks! I am a pre-final year undergraduate student pursuing Information and communication Technology at School of Technology PDEU. I have a knack for data science, web development, software development and now, Enterprise Computing.

I am amalgam of an engineer skilled in Python, Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Software Development and Cloud Computing; while being a Certified Six Sigma Executive (CSSE) with ardour and experience in Management, Finance, Business and Public Speaking.

I am a Google DSC Lead, Intel Student Ambassador (1 of 6 in India), Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, deeplearning_ai Event Ambassador, Vice President at Encode (Computer Science Club), Executive Committee Member at CodeChef PDEU Chapter and Technical Head at SnC PDEU. I am now thrilled to be an IBM Z ambassador as well!

I have undertaken 3 Technical Internships [Research Engineer Intern (Xero Tech.), Machine Learning Intern (Widhya) and Data Science Intern (The Sparks Foundation) and 4 internships in non-technical domain [Campus Manager (myCaptain), Student Partner (Internshala), Youth Representative (myCaptain) and Summer VIP (Upkey)] till date.

I have authored 3 research papers (1 published and 2 under review, all at SPRINGER), 2 conference papers (1 accepted at World Geothermal Congress 2021 and other under review at SPRINGER) and a book chapter (published at Taylor Francis). I am currently writing an entire book for a contract with Taylor and Francis as well.

I am skilled in python, C/C++, web development, software development, data science (AI, ML and data analytics), business, finance, management and public speaking.

I possess 11 specializations in various domains from different reputed institutions (Google, Amazon, University of Michigan, University of Washington, University of London and deeplearning-ai). I have also completed 146 courses to gain knowledge in different field as well. Furthermore, I recieved a scholarship for NanoDegree from Udacity, which I completed and have graduated from 'AI Product Manager' NanoDegree program.

I also possess 8 badges from IBM for cybersecurity, 1 badge from google for python, 1 badge from IBM for Data Science, 10+ badges from Google Qwiklabs for GCP and 10+ LORs in various fields for my performance in Workshops by myCaptain.

I have conducted (been a speaker at) various events including 7 technical ones (ML Algorithms, Open Source Contributions, Python Workshop, AI ML Workshop, Developer's Legacy Tools Event, Cloud Computing Open Discussion and Web Development Workshop) and 4 career ones (HR Summit Event, Internship Talk, Technical Experience Event and LinkedIn Workshop).

That's pretty much me!

Moreover, here's my short video introduction as part of 'Z Ambassador Program Onboarding Track' task:

Here's my website to learn more :

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