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Mission Possible: How Technology has shaped my life

By Janice Nsunzu posted Wed December 08, 2021 08:52 AM


Technology has changed the way I study and work. Due to the pandemic classes moved online. This meant that now more than ever we were being pushed to integrate technology into our everyday life. We now had to familiarize ourselves with videoconferencing tools for meetings, classes and associations, assessment tools for exams and tests, and IT tools for productivity purposes. These software tools enabled communication to take place and for productivity to be maintained. 
I recall since primary school, my favourite lesson was the computers lesson. We did not do much because we were only primary school children, we just learnt to play with pictures, surf the internet and type documents.
As far as I can remember this was my favourite  2 hours of the day. Without knowing, a seed was being planted.

Later on, I decided to study business information technology at the University of Johannesburg because I believed and still believe that having high technical proficiency makes you more employable while opening doors for entrepreneurial opportunities seeing that the IT industry is huge and there is a need.
I also got to take an additional course on Artificial intelligence and educate myself on the current buzz. 
This experience has shaped the way I look at traditional IT roles and other job positions that are soon to become obsolete.
I got to participate in the IBM Master the mainframe challenge and learnt about mainframes. I then came across the IBM Z Ambassador program and decided to seize the opportunity to learn about the systems that run the worlds leading business. This enabled me to mobilize my student community and be part of something that makes a positive change.
My recent exposure to enterprise computing has opened my eyes to new opportunities in the IT industry. I find it very convenient to pursue a career in enterprise computing as I will get to work on cutting edge technology all while maintaining a good work and life balance. 
Many people complain about not having enough time to spend with their families because of all the time they spend at work. Now enterprise computing solves that problem. This personally is a huge aspect to consider before choosing a permanent position.