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New features in Semeru for zOS, V11.0.19 GA!

By James Tang posted Fri June 02, 2023 11:03 AM


This refresh contains the latest IBM fixes, the most recent OpenJDK level, and the following new features.

OpenJ9 features:

  • This release contains features from the latest release of the Eclipse OpenJ9 project, as listed in the Version 0.37 and Version 0.38 OpenJ9 user documentation.

Other features:

  • RSASSA-PSS support in the OpenJCEPlus provider

    • RSASSA-PSS is a signature algorithm that the OpenJCEPlus provider now supports. RSASSA-PSS is a cryptographic signature schema to use RSA key pairs and PSS signature schema. It provides PSS signature service for RSA keys. As result, the signature service accepts RSASSA-PSS algorithm with the OpenJCEPlus provider. The RSA related services and keystores such as RSA key factory, RSA key pair generator, RSA private and public keys are also extended to support the RSASSA-PSS algorithm. For more information, see OpenJCEPlus provider.

  • POSIX to Olson time zone conversion is now supported

    • When you specify a POSIX-style time zone in the TZ environment variable (for example, TZ=CET-1CEST), it can be converted to the Olson time zone (for example, Europe/Paris) by using the lib/tzmappings file. This tzmappings feature which was supported in version 8 of the IBM SDK, but not available in the earlier releases of IBM Semeru Runtime Certified Edition for z/OS, is now supported. For more information about POSIX time zone, see TZ variable. For more information about Olson time zone, see TZ database.

  • SunTlsRsaPremasterSecret is enabled in SunPKCS11

    • You can now use the premaster secret key in the SunPKCS11 provider. The client sends the premaster secret, which can vary in length based on the algorithm and the parameters that are used during the key exchange. The premaster secret is encrypted with a public key and the server can decrypt it by using the private key.

  • Interoperability updates for IBMJCECCA RSA-PSS with JSSE and RACF

    • The RSA-PSS support offered by the IBMJCECCA provider (feature was introduced in version is now interoperable with SunJSSE and RACF based keystores. For more information, see hwkeytool - Key and Certificate Management Tool.

How to obtain IBM Semeru Runtime Certified Edition for z/OS, Version 11?
IBM Semeru Runtime Certified Edition for z/OS, Version 11 is available for zero license charge through Shopz (5655-DGJ) SMP/E, or you can download the non-SMP/E 
here.  The subscription and service number is 5655-I48.
Supporting Links:
IBM Semeru Runtime Certified Edition for z/OS product page
For additional information on installation, troubleshooting and support please visit 
IBM Documentation.