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IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.19 is now available!

By James Tang posted Fri December 02, 2022 08:59 AM


IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go 1.19 on z/OS is delivered to maintain a high level of currency with the releases from the Go open source community. Enhancement highlights include:

  • Improved implementation for generics - Refinements in generics support and performance improvements of generic code up to 20%. There are libraries especially created for generics.

  • Changes to the Go memory model - Go memory model revised to align Go with the memory model used by other popular programming languages.

  • Performance improvements - Several performance and implementation improvements, including dynamic sizing of coroutine stacks to reduce stack copyrighting.

  • Improvements to doc comments - Support for links, lists, and headings in doc comments. As part of this change, gofmt reformats doc comments to make their rendered meaning clearer.

  • Changes to garbage collector - Garbage collector support for a soft memory limit, which helps optimize Go programs to run efficiently in containers with dedicated amounts of memory.

Accessing VSAM database

In addition, there is a new and helpful video tutorial to interact with VSAM KSDS data sets using Go recordio module. The Go recordio module is used in this video to establish an employee database with a command line interface using key-sequenced data set, also known as KSDS. This demo is a continuation of a series of use cases of the ibmruntimes/go-recordio module.

IBM C/C++ for Open Enterprise Languages on z/OS 2.0
Also newly available is a IBM C/C++ for Open Enterprise Languages on z/OS 2.0 tool. This will accelerate application modernization using Go and cgo, allowing users to develop with C/C++ dependent packages and libraries. It has a no-charge license as long as it is used with development of Go applications. Support entitlement of this tool is through Go product S&S, which is available with Shopz order.

For more details on the newly-introduced features, see What's new. Download the latest Go release today!

How to obtain IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go?

IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Go is available for zero license charge through Shopz (5655-GOZ) SMP/E, or you can download the PAX here. Optional world-class IBM Software Subscription and Support is available with your order through Shopz (5655-GOS).

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