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Get Started Guide available for System Automation for z/OS beginners

By JACQUI SHAWLEY posted Thu April 02, 2020 05:55 PM


Dear System Automation users,


A new Get Started Guide is now available for System Automation for z/OS (SA z/OS). If you're new to SA or if your team has new members joined to work with SA, I believe this book is a good starting point for new beginners to familiarize with SA's most basic functions.


This Get Started Guide is available at:

You can find all the manuals available for SA z/OS at the link below:


This Get Started Guide aims to provide a high-level description of SA z/OS to help you get started with it quickly. It contains the information about early planning, configuring the product, making it secure, customizing your automation environment, and the basic operational tasks that you perform on a daily basis.


If you have comment of this new book or other books, feel feel to comment this topic or send it to me (