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Host Access Anywhere, Uninterrupted using IBM® HACP Extended Edition: Modern, Secure and Cost Effective

By Indrajit Nadgir posted 29 days ago


Ensuring continued business agility in these uncertain times is the primary goal of all organizations. As a business decision maker, you want your workforce to access your critical mainframe applications – uninterrupted.

Today, many users work from home. The need for terminal emulation via laptops, tablets and mobile devices has never been more urgent. While you can install a client on the end user devices to perform terminal emulation, it comes with its own challenges like security, cost, and efficiency. Do you still use a terminal emulator on your desktop? Do you feel it does not offer the flexibility you need? It is time to move to a zero foot-print solution.

IBM® HACP Extended Edition (HACP EE) is a web-based terminal emulator that provides a zero-footprint solution. Read on to know why our customers love our latest offering in the IBM HACP suite.

HACP Extended Edition V2.0

The IBM® HACP EE zero-footprint advantage

HACP EE is installed on the server side. System administrators can deploy, manage, and administer everything centrally. They can upgrade versions or apply security patches just once on the server and it is instantly available to all users. It saves cost and time.

The end users do not have to download or install anything on their systems. It gives them the freedom to switch devices easily and they do not have to deal with any installation or updates.

Improved Security

HACP EE comes with latest security enhancements like FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) mode enabled and TLS V1.2 encryption.

Since it is installed and configured all on the server-side, the system administrators have a greater control over the security infrastructure.


With responsive design support and touch support HACP EE users can connect to their hosts seamlessly via a desktop., laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone. Latest versions of all major browsers are supported. Our customers love the HTML 5 based administrative console to manage users and sessions, centrally. IBM HACP EE personifies host access anywhere, uninterrupted!


HACP is just not adding features in HACP EE but also in IBM® Personal Communications (PCOMM) and IBM® Host On-Demand (HOD) for increased interoperability. For instance, from PCOMM v14.0.3 we have added a PCOMM Macro Converter which has helped users to migrate their PCOMM macros to HACP macros residing on the HACP Server. Users can easily use these migrated macros with HACP EE 2.0 without having to start-over.

Task Automation

IBM HACP EE provides a Macro Manager which provides features like macro recording, macro editing and playback enabling users to automate some of their regular tasks making them more efficient.

Future Compliance

IBM HACP EE being a modern web-based solution comes with latest technologies which allows it to be able to adapt to future technological evolution gracefully. Also, being on the server it is easy and fast to roll-out upgrades.

In Conclusion

Times have changed! There is a paradigm shift in the way you want to access your mission critical host applications. You want flexibility, security, ease of use, cost efficiency, save time and most importantly modernization. IBM® HACP Extended Edition lets you do exactly that.

Indrajit Nadgir
Senior Product Manager
HCL Software