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Open Source, Mainframe and Mentorship

By Hartanto Ario Widjaya posted Mon April 18, 2022 03:50 PM

Looking to start your open-source contribution journey?

The Open Mainframe Project's Mentorship Program is announcing it's 2022 Summer Mentorship, which will start in June until August of 2022. So far, they have 11 mentorships for projects ranging from COBOL to Zowe, and AI to MLOps. Yes, AI on the IBM zSystems!

What is the Open Mainframe Project?

So, the Open Mainframe Project, which was founded back in 2015, set forward as a focal point for the use of open sources on the mainframes! There are currently many open source projects under the Open Mainframe Project, and if you're familiar with IBM Z Xplore, you have used Zowe, which is an Open Mainframe Project project.

So, what is the mentorship program and what's in it for me?

The Open Mainframe Project's Mentorship Program aimed to provide students like you opportunity to expand your knowledge on mainframes, while gaining skills to contribute to open-source projects! This will expose you to networking opportunities, and also a chance to get your project showcased on mainframe conferences. Along the way, you will be guided with mentors which are maintainers of the project you are working for.

If you decided to join the mentorship program, it is set to start on June of 2022, and will last until August 2022. Furthermore, the Linux Foundation will provide you with a stipend upon successful completion of the mentorship! So, you can earn some money and learn new stuff, how exciting!

Ok, I'm bought, where do I sign up?

Do check out the latest announcement from Open Mainframe Project which lists the 11 currently available projects. Alternatively, you can also look through the LFX Mentorship page to check the projects currently accepting mentees! Don't forget to apply before the deadline of 18 May 2022!

Wait, there are many projects available, which one should I choose?

Well, my tips would be to pick for the one you are interested at. We have projects which would involve Python and AI, NodeJS, COBOL, SQL, and Java. Do check out the mentorship's description closely and check out the project repository (if one is available) to make an informed decision.

If I get selected, any tips on how to make my mentorship meaningful?

Don't hesitate to ask questions to your mentor and give feedbacks! What I've learned from my previous mentorship is that a mentor could very well be the best asset you have during the mentorship - they are the one who would answer your questions, even amongst their busy schedule. Do your research beforehand though, and don't forget to also interact with the rest of the community! Check out this Mentee Guide from the Linux Foundation which is filled with tips and advice for you :)

So, how much stipend are we looking at?

That would depends on your location, it will range from 3000 to 6600 USD. Check out the LFX Mentorship docs for more information.

With that, don't forget to apply and see you there!