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UNICOM / Macro 4 z/OS 2.5 Day 1 support for mainframe products

By glenn havelock posted 25 days ago

IBM is releasing z/OS 2.5 this week. To those of you who are existing UNICOM / Macro 4 mainframe customers, we will support our products in a z/OS 2.5 environment the same day it is released.


Please refer to our web site for our announcement of Day 1 support for z/OS 2.5:


We have updated our support matrix with information on which releases of our mainframe products you’ll need to successfully run in a z/OS 2.5 environment.  Please refer to this site for release information:


Please feel free to contact us through the normal support channels or call your local office should you have any questions.


Best Regards,


The UNICOM / Macro 4 team