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The silver lining for Africa.

By Gilbert Andanje posted 19 days ago

Industrialisation has been at centre stage for majority of the developed countries. China and India have also seen an economic leap in the last century to an industrialised economy. Africa could join the bandwagon easily especially since she has raw materials.  But just what does it take to be industrialised? I bet it takes a little more than the raw materials. Africa still has few fully mechanised factories if any. Most factories still run on their old technology that is slow and unreliable. Beside there aren't many R&D departments in industries over here and this drops our potential. The shear competition in market products demands precision that can only be achieved by self-correcting systems leveraging advanced technology. The solution is to appreciate the changing times and add technology on our to-do list.
Shifting to Agriculture it's unfortunate that we have hunger at the top of our problem list yet we have vast fertile lands and green soil cover. The problem should definitely lie within our farming habits and food storage facilities. We could harvest enough but without good storage all the food goes to waste. This trend in food spoilage is prevalent and threatens food security. If the government would invest in green energy then we can power sustainable food storage.
The Ocean bottle has embraced technology to save marine life by designing smart bottles. They have a unique approach that recycles 1000 sea bound bottles per every purchase of their smart bottle. The embedded NFC chip in the bottle ensures owners donate to plastic collection when they refill at partner locations. Estimated at 11kgs this is the worth in weight of recycled plastic at sea that comes with a single purchase of their plastic. And as they boast, plastic collection through subsequent donations does not stop at bottle purchase. 
Tech has a potential to shape every sector towards achieving the UNSDGs. We only have to think outside the box.