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IBM Data Studio 4.1.4 now available for Aqua 3.2!

By Gerald Mitchell posted Sat December 04, 2021 03:58 PM

In the United States, we just had our Thanksgiving Day, and in my family it is tradition to make sure that we play games and do puzzles together as part of our celebration.
Sometimes the larger and complex jigsaws take a while, but we are thankful to be able to interact together and with resolve and teamwork we eventually solve the puzzle.
spot glowing under puzzle piece being placed in an otherwise complete but blank puzzle

Today the IBM family is thankful to be able to highlight the announcement of another puzzle piece to further complete Aqua 3.2...

IBM Data Studio 4.1.4!

IBM Data Studio provides developers with IBM Db2 for z/OS database interaction to create and modify programs via an integrated, modular environment. Data Studio 4.1.4, based on Eclipse 4.8, integrates with Aqua 3.2 products like IBM Developer for z/OS 15.0.

IBM Data Studio launch screen

This small-looking addition of 3.2 to the IBM Data Studio line on our IBM Aqua download page means big things!

download page section showing an Aqua 3.2 option now available for IBM Data Studio

IBM Data Studio 4.1.4 on Aqua 3.2

We are happy to announce that with the new version 4.1.4, IBM Data Studio can now run on the Eclipse 4.8-based Integrated Development Environments of Aqua 3.2 on Windows and Linux.
If you check the product versions page, you can see that instead of the N/A that normally graced the IBM Data Studio Aqua 3.2 column there is a wonderful 4.1.4 highlighted as the latest release available.
listed latest product versions on each IBM Aqua versions with newest additions highlightedWith your Installation Manager-based install you can add Data Studio into your IDE along side our latest IBM Explorer for z/OS 3.2 and IBM Developer for z/OS 15.0.
(Quick note: we are currently updating the compatibility and software requirement reports for Data Studio on 4.1.4, so while you my find them, those aren't quite ready yet...)

IBM Data Studio and IBM Developer for z/OS Integration

IBM Data Studio has been providing the experiences for SQL and Db2 interaction for our Aqua 3.1 portfolio, with DataStudio 4.1.3 integration to IBM Developer for z/OS 14.2 as a prime example. Let's take look at one of the capabilities you get when the products are integrated!

With IBM Developer for z/OS and Data Studio integrated, one of the abilities available is to run the SQL from within the COBOL program source to test the query directly.

  1. Right click on an MVS subproject in the Z/OS Project View. Choose to Add Data Access Development Support.
  2. Select your database connection, and define your default schema.
  3.  Open the COBOL program which is part of the data access layer for the application and use the Outline view to navigate to the correct paragraph. Select the EXEC SQL statement, right click, and choose the Run SQL menu action.
  4. If there is a WHERE clause of the SQL statement that requires a Host Variable, for instance, there is a prompt for the variable value to use during the query. After entering a value, press Finish.
  5. The results are displayed in the SQL Results view.
This feature increases developer productivity by allowing SQL queries to be tested directly from within the program source code.
Adjustments can be made while developing the program, and the SQL can be run in place, without recompiling the program or copying the SQL back and forth with another editor or system.

As a reminder, in What's New in IBM Developer for z/OS 15.0.3 we talked about the DCLGEN menu option for database tables working on aliases and the Open, Browse, and View actions on EXEC SQL call statements being added; these changes make working with Db2 and SQL in the integrated environment even easier.

If database integration into your mainframe programs is all new to you, try the IBM Developer for z/OS tutorials to Build, debug, and run a COBOL Db2 application or Create, test, and deploy a Db2 SQL stored procedure to get you started.

IBM Data Studio 4.1.4, Installation Manager, and Aqua 3.2

You can download the Installation Manager repository for Data Studio 4.1.4, as well as any other products in the Aqua 3.2 portfolio, from our mainframe development download site. If you use the public Installation Manager repository for Aqua 3.2, IBM Data Studio 4.1.4 is already there for you.

Install option showing Aqua 3.2 install of Data studio, Developer for z/OS, and Explorer for z/OS in one package for Install Manager

Make sure you select the DB2 Tools option in the IBM Developer for z/OS options get the Data Tools and z Systems Stored Procedures to take full advantage of the integration!
selection of components to instal lfor Data Studio and Develoepr for z/OS Install list on Windows for Install Manager showing IBM Data Studio

grayscale picture of a completed white circular jigsaw puzzle spiraling clockwise out from a middle piece.
We hope you enjoy the latest addition to Aqua 3.2, Data Studio 4.1.4, and that you have a chance to try it out with IBM Developer for z/OS version 15.0.3 over the upcoming holiday season!
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Great news!