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Register Now! Join IBM z/OS Academy APAC sessions from 7/22 to 8/12

By Flora Gui posted Thu July 07, 2022 03:54 AM

As a special edition of IBM® zSystems® APAC program, z/OS Academy APAC webinars are coming from 7/22 to 8/12.

Come learn about new capabilities and features in z/OS related to the all new z16!
These sessions will be taught by IBM z/OS subject matter experts who will be answering questions throughout the sessions and during the Q&A immediately following the presentations. Whether you are new to IBM Z, or have extensive experience on the platform, you will learn valuable information.

Click REGISTER and join us!

  • z/OS Academy APAC sessions will be hosted via Webex. You are suggested to join with Webex app.
  • We provide online registration (https://ibm.biz/apac-zosacademy-register) for z/OS Academy APAC sessions. After finishing registration, you will receive automatic invitations from Webex which directly add the sessions to your calendar. You will be reminded 1 hour before each session starts.