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Thwarted by IBM Z! - Let us MUSE upon zERT

Hey z/OS Communications Server fans, you must have heard of zERT. zERT helps monitors your IBM Z network cryptographic encryption status, but have you thinking of playing a card game with zERT and other powerful IBM Z security and compliance tools?

Come and spend your next 4 minutes with Enterprise Knights of IBM Z!
Check out this video of good networking with good encryption. Join Chris Meyer, STSM of IBM Z network security, and let us MUSE upon zERT!

You can also read this blog on network security, Good Networking - six z/OS network security technologies you should know about, to have a better understanding of z/OS network security tactics.

To learn more about IBM z/OS security, check out the z/OS Network Security Foundations badge and start your free digital learning.

About Thwarted by IBM Z!

Thwarted by IBM Z! is a video and blog series on security topics with IBM Z. There will be a fun video, hosted by the MC, Mike Kelly, and an informative blog by one of IBM Z esteemed SMEs, who will cover a certain area of security. You can follow the series in the Enterprise Knight of IBM Z community and enjoy the online card game "M.U.S.E. CUES". In this game, you will see the theme of risk identification and mitigation. Risk is not limited to technical nuts and bolts, rather it is an essential business management topic and is what sets the framework for security discussions. Everyone plays a role in the security and resiliency of their enterprise and this series serves to increase awareness via a variety of topics. Check out this blog and follow the video-blog series.