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Unlocking a new experience of application discovery and planning with IBM ADDI 6.1.1

By Fiona Wang posted Fri October 07, 2022 01:43 AM


IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence for IBM Z (IBM ADDI) 6.1.1 brings exciting new innovations to help enterprise users discover applications, get insights, and plan for new changes with confidence. In this release, many new features and enhancements are made available in each component of IBM ADDI, to provide an optimal product experience and fulfill the application modernization needs of customers.

IBM Application Discovery (IBM AD)

  • Continuously improved language currency support to enable developers to analyze complex COBOL, ASM, and Java applications. The key enhancements are as follows:
    • COBOL 6.4: Introduced the new Program type for Java Static Methods CALLs in IBM AD Analyze Client.
    • COBOL 6.2: Added the partial support for COBOL Conditional Compilation directives. For more information, see Cobol Variable Usage.
    • ASM Macros: Improved the dynamic resolution algorithm to support more use cases in Assembler.
    • Java: Introduced the advanced Java project inventory for analysis, with which you can see the resources, such as packages, classes, and methods inside a Java project, and view the source code from a node or edge. For more information, see explore project analysis.
  • Upgraded IBM AD Analyze Client to be compatible with IBM Developer for z/OS (IDz) 16 based on Eclipse and introduced a new feature to display Control-M elements (Jobs, Apps, and Databases). In the Explorer project view, you can use the Name filter field to filter the Control-M resources by name. For more information, see explore … (project name) tab.
  • Improved the performance of IBM AD Build Client for large projects during MAKE request for API resolution.
  • Added RACF Pass Phrase support in IBM AD Connect for Mainframe.
  • Added support for synchronizing members based on type if more than one member type exists in the same PDS Library/Directory. For more information, see examples for synchronizing members based on type.
  • Streamlined the process on configuring secure communications and added support for migrating from self-signed certificates to a single signed chain certificate. For more information, see managing security in IBM AD and migrating from a self-signed certificate to a single signed chain certificate.

IBM ADDI Extensions

  • Enhanced security implementations.
  • Made minor doc changes.                                                

IBM Wazi Analyze

  • Improved the authentication experience for those users who configure IBM ADDI as the additional data provider. When an Application Discovery (AD) static analysis data provider is used, you can log in to Wazi Analyze with the AD username and password. For more information, see configuring additional data providers.
  • Enhanced Wazi Analyze static analysis with the support for z/OS® Discovery Library Adapter (z/OS DLA) runtime data analysis. On the program call graph, Wazi Analyze indicates the possible program artifact that is the same as the program artifact in the z/OS DLA data provider. For more information, see correlating static analysis to runtime artifacts.

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