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IBM Doc Buddy - Instant help with z/OS XL C/C++ error messages right from your smart phone!

By FANG LU posted Tue March 24, 2020 07:40 PM


Do you want to read the blogs and articles written by z/OS XL C/C++ experts? Do you want to know the latest news about z/OS XL C/C++? Do you have the need to loop up z/OS XL C/C++ error messages offline from your mobile devices? If your answers are yes, then don't hesitate to use IBM Doc Buddy V2.2, which can make you know more about z/OS XL C/C++ and make your debug work easier.

IBM Doc Buddy is a free mobile application that retrieves support documentation for z products. It reduces the time you spend in resolving problems and improves your information experience.


A key strength of IBM Doc Buddy is that it enables you to look up message documentation without Internet connections after the initial setup.The app also supports online search in addition to offline search. You can get instant search results if you are connected to the Internet. Online search is enabled by default in Settings. Thus, IBM Doc Buddy can be a perfect alternative for LookAt.

Besides IBM Z messages and codes, IBM Doc Buddy V2 aggregates the following information:

  • Product videos, blogs, and IBM Knowledge Center topics
  • Opinions and tips from IBM mainframe experts
  • IBM Z trends, updates, and other top news

An overview of the app features is provided for first-time users of the app to help you get started. After you install the app, you can quickly glance through the handy 3-panel display to understand the key features provided in IBM Doc Buddy.


How to use IBM Doc Buddy?

Take the following steps to download the z/OS XL C/C++ message documentation and then you can use it locally.

  • Home page, with a message or code for your product specified in the search box
  • Subscriptions > Products
  • Go to Subscriptions > Influencers
  • Discover

In addition to z/OS C/C++, you can find the message documentation for z products like z/OS, z/VM, TPF, IMS, and CICS in IBM Doc Buddy. The application includes links to the relevant product Support Portals and contact information. After reading a message, you can access the Support Portal of the product or call a relevant contact for further debugging information.


Where to download IBM Doc Buddy?

IBM Doc Buddy supports both iOS and Android devices. You can search for "IBM Doc Buddy" in the Apple App store or Google Play, or click to download the application.

For more information about IBM Doc Buddy V2.2, see IBM Doc Buddy V2.2 – One-stop mobile IBM Z content portal.