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C++ Standard meeting Mar 1-6 in Summit New Jersey

By FANG LU posted Tue March 24, 2020 07:37 PM


The next C++ Standard meeting is rapidly approaching. This meeting will be the first meeting after the Committee Draft (CD) for C++0x was released last year in September. A CD is like an alpha of the C++ Standard.

Since then, there has been one update to the CD in December with minor fixes:

This will be the first meeting where we will process defects, and National body comments. Most people will be watching for any show stoppers which can cause a delay to the proposed schedule of the C++ Std as outlined at the right side panel of this blog.

So far, from watching the discussion on the reflector, there has not been any major of note. But that does not preclude them from being discovered as we work through the comments and defects.

The C++ Std meeting is open to anyone, and if you are in the Summit New Jersey area (specifically Grand Summit Hotel), and is interested in contributing to the Standardization process, please drop by. But first you need to notify the convener. I can help with that.

As usual, IBM will be sending two representatives to this meeting. Both of us will represent the Canadian delegation.