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C Standard meeting in Santa Cruz Oct 26-30

By FANG LU posted Tue March 24, 2020 07:38 PM

Hi all, my name is Michael Wong. I will be attending the next C Standard meeting in Santa Cruz on Oct 26-30, representing IBM and Canada.

This promises to be a critical meeting as it is where the C Committee has nominated as the cutoff for adding features to the upcoming C1X (the code name for the next release of C).

One of the paper is the IBM comment on the Bounds Checking Library:

where we have made responses as follows:

IBM has also submitted one more proposal in addition to others.

This is a proposal to suggest work to start on a common vectorized type that will be native in C. Currently, the situation is like a jungle out there in that there is a proliferation of vector types from various platforms. Even within one compiler, there are many different vectorized type support because a compiler may need to support VMX, VSX, (Altivec), SSE2, MMX, OpenCL, to name a few.

This has caused a profusion of vectorized names which are similar but possibly not extendable as wider vector registers appear. It is also a recipe for non-portability of code.

The other part of the proposal uses OpenCL as a way to suggest one possible model (but not the only one) of how to support a common Vectorized type.

Please have a look and give me feedback if you wish.

And if you are in the Santa Cruz area, please join us, but first let me know so we can add you to the guest list as the meeting room space is limited based on the projected attendees.

Thanks and I will give a trip report post-meeting.