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Growth vs Fixed Mindset: What actually matters for success!

By Faisal Al Islam posted 29 days ago

Have you ever wondered why some people, such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, are so much more successful than others? The answer behind this milliondollar question is their mindset. It's all about the mindset which really matters to achieve success. According to Carol Dweck, a researcher and professor coined the term "mindset" to define the way people observe their capabilities, skills, talents, and weakness.

Generally, two mindsets people exist around us One sees obstacles as opportunities to learn something new and the other prevents them from failure. A fixed mentality is a term used to describe individuals who don't want to fight problems. But growth-minded people perceive problems as intriguing challenges. Fixed minded people think that intelligence or talent is only the key factor for achievement and they do not try to gain new skills. Besides, frequently like to keep track of their previous accomplishments. On the other hand, growth minded people love to learn new things through practicing and they never distracted themselves from the enjoyment of learning.

So, how to develop a growth mindset in ourselves? At first, accept and embrace your weaknesses and view them as challenges. Secondly, fixed believes that talent and intelligence matter to taste the ultimate success but a growth-oriented mind think that with hard work, persistence anyone can develop intelligence. They believe in no pain no gain.  Focusing on the process of work rather than the result and never compete them with others. They compete to enrich or develop themselves continuously. An effective tool for learning is critical. If you have a flaw and someone can call it out to you, then try to work on it to make yourself more flourish, a better of you.  Growth minded people also learn from their past mistakes, experiences and keep track of their progress as well.

Growth mentality considers the world as a massive learning opportunity. Shifting from a fixed to growth, requires time, effort, and practice. And at the end, a mindset that all matters to be a successful human being.