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Detect and remediate wait problems using IBM Z OMEGAMON for CICS


One of the most annoying problems in the world of CICS is a wait problem.  Sometimes the problem only involves a couple of tasks and sometimes the problem is so severe it can cause several or all your regions to stall waiting on a resolution.  This video explores using OMEGAMON to detect and remediate wait problems using an example.  It also shows you how to find waiters and several OMEGAMON displays that can be helpful in further investigating the problem to hopefully find a permanent solution.  Lastly, it explores ways you can set up your environment, so waits are automatically detected and remediated.

If you want to learn how to view regions across CICSplexs by defining a USRGROUP you can learn about that here.


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Tue November 07, 2023 09:15 AM

Thank you for putting this together, clients have been asking for more OMEGAMON content!