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Setting Thresholds with OMEGAMON for CICS


Whether you are a new OMEGAMON user or a seasoned professional, you might have noticed that many of the fields by default show up in reverse video with different colors.  You will see mostly red and yellow, but others are also possible.  This is because by default OMEGAMON sets thresholds values for certain fields by changing the state of those fields. 

In this video, the concept of thresholds is explained, along with how to see the defaults and set values that are appropriate for your environment. Whether you are a CICS user or not this video will be applicable for any member of the OMEGAMON family.  The demonstration in this video is using OMEGAMON for CICS.

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Wed January 11, 2023 11:05 AM

Great short video explaining how to alter thresholds in the e3270UI