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IBM Documentation is the new KC

By Ellen Smyth posted 17 days ago

When you go to IBM Knowledge Center, you might wonder if you're in the right place. IBM Documentation is the new kid on the block - with a new name, a new look, and a new engine under the covers.

The new website (ibm.com/docs) is built with IBM Design Language, so you'll notice some differences in the look and feel of the site. From the main z/TPF page, a set of tiles shows the z/TPF collections. Scroll a little further to see another set of tiles to get to resources such as the IBM TPF Support Portal or the TPF Family of Products Downloads site.
IBM Documentation tiles for z/TPF product collections

Click one of the z/TPF tiles to get to the collection of your choice, such as the 2021 collection. The URL clearly shows what product and collection you're reading about. Now the tiles lead directly to the product documentation of your choice for that collection: z/TPF, z/TPFDF, TPF Operations Server, or TPF Toolkit. Scroll further to see tiles for each TPF product What's new topic, key capabilities, and other resources.
IBM Documentation tiles to pick a z/TPF product

The table of contents (ToC) is different too, with built-in progressive disclosure so you see the topics in the area you expand - no need to wade through a lot of topics that aren't your main focus. Click the twisty at the bottom of the ToC to open and close it.
IBM Documentation toggle the table of contents

The version selector is just above the ToC to easily shift from one TPF collection to another, say from the 2021 to the 2020 collection. Whatever collection you select, the content is the same content you had with Knowledge Center - the complete z/TPF product documentation from PUT 14 through APAR group 2020, and APARs to date for the 2021 collection.

IBM Documentation version selector for z/TPF product documentation Go to IBM Documentation and find the guided tour to see more new features. For more information about the site, Introducing IBM Documentation is a quick read.