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A Legacy of Humanities in IBM Platforms – Part 4


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"For the architecture team, the real System/360 was the Design Concept itself, a Platonic ideal computer." -Dr. Fred Brooks

From ancient Greek philosophers through Medieval thinkers such as Thomas Aquinas, the philosophical and technological underpinnings of modern enterprise computing pass right through the heart of humanities, and humanity.

Join IBM Champions Reg Harbeck, Jack Woehr, and Darren Surch, returning in part four of our four-part series. General availability of computational power has transformed humankind's perception of sound and color as well as our self image, but where does that leave us? In this final episode we'll take a step into the future with predictions about how technology and the humanities will intersect in everything from quantum computing to artificial intelligence.

Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Time: 12PM ET

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