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New Open Mainframe Project Linux Distributions Working Group

By Elizabeth K. Joseph posted Fri November 05, 2021 12:23 PM


The Linux Foundation's Open Mainframe Project Techincal Advisory Council recently approved the creation of a Linux Distributions Working Group for IBM Z and LinuxONE.

We have a community here of users and contributors, and each distribution has their own resources and mailing lists, but there wasn't a real collaborative space for all of the Linux distributions to get together to solve problems and share solutions. This new working group seeks to change that.

"The purpose of this working group is to oversee the health and maintenance of the s390x port of various Linux distributions to ensure that the s390x port remains a supported architecture for them all. To this end, the group will collaborate on shared challenges and successes, work together to nurture new contributors, and make sure they also have the infrastructure they need."

The group already has representatives from Debian, openSUSE, SUSE, and Fedora, and planned deliverables for this group include:

  • Wiki page that links to all resources for participating distributions.
  • A living document for sharing s390x porting tips that are shared across distributions.
  • Identification and nurturing of new contributors for distributions needing them.

So if you're currently involved with a distribution and wish to chat with like-minded folks from other distributions, or are just interested in how to get involved with porting activities on a distribution level, join the group!

More details available on the Linux Distributions Working Group wiki or you can just go ahead and join the wg-linux-distros mailing list.