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Print your own IBM z15 Model!

By Elizabeth K. Joseph posted Mon May 17, 2021 09:42 AM


As a Fan of Z, when I discoved that someone at IBM had created an STL file of the IBM z15 to 3D-print models, I had to have one! File in hand, I got some quotes from 3D printing services online and got my model printed, and then I painted it.

But surely I couldn't keep this to myself!

The design of the z15 is proprietary, so I needed to get permission to release it. IBMer Robert Enochs got me in touch with Camillo Sassano, Design Principal, IBM Systems and the IBM Industrial Design Program. They worked with me to get an .stl file that adhered more closely with the precise design, but was modified to be more easily 3D-printed. Approval was then granted to distribute the files to the public.

So now for your printing pleasure, I have made the file available in the Fans of Z Library: IBM z15 model 3D printer file (stl)

Happy printing! And since this is a slightly different file than the one I printed, I'd love to see your results hear about your experience over in the Fans of Z Discussions forum.