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EPEL-8.0 Released with s390x Support


Today the EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) Steering Committee announced the initial release of EPEL-8.0, which for the first time includes support for LinuxONE's s390x architecture. A key component of many Red Hat Enterprise Linux installations, the addition of this support to the s390x ecosystem is an important step forward.

From the EPEL-8.0 Release Announcement published by Stephen Smoogen:

"New Architecture: s390x

We have added the s390x platform to builds. Some consumers have wanted this platform for many years but we did not have the time to integrate necessary changes. We have done this with EPEL-8, and hope to be able to do so for EPEL-7 if there are continued requests for it."

You can also read Stephen's post on the LINUX-390 mailing list: Announcing EPEL-8 for RHEL-8 on s390x