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Now available IBM Z System Automation Zowe™ Command Line Interface plug-in

By Domenico D'ALTERIO posted Fri October 22, 2021 03:24 AM

It is now available a Zowe Command Line Interface (CLI) plug-in for IBM Z System Automation.
Through this CLI, users (Administrators, Operators and Z Program Developers) will be able to get an overview of resources managed by Z System Automation as well as control these conveniently from a command shell running in their client PC.

The IBM Z System Automation CLI extensions of Zowe got the Zowe Conformance certification. The Zowe Conformance Program aims to provides users greater confidence that the Zowe extension will behave as expected. The Zowe Conformance Program is administered by the Open Mainframe you can see here.

The CLI provided by this “SA Plug-in for Zowe™ CLI” contacts the Z System Automation systems using the features provided by the IBM Z System Automation Operations REST API. With the latest available version of the new “SA Operations API v1.1” the following use cases are possible with the “SA Plug-in for Zowe™ CLI”:

·        Get an overview including status of all managed SA resources.
·        Get an overview with status and current used configuration of SA Agents and Automation Manager.
·        Create and Delete “dynamic” resources from template.
·        Start/Stop or Suspend/Resume each resource.
·        Activate a new automation policy or refresh the currently active policy.
·        Get an overview of all requests against resources and if required delete (“cancel”) them.
·        … and even more

For more information look at the official documentation here
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