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Preview: IBM Z JCL Expert

By Domenico D'ALTERIO posted Wed October 13, 2021 09:51 AM

On October 5th a Statement of Direction was published to give a preview of a new offering being available as part of IBM Z SW portfolio:

IBM Z® is an enterprise platform for mission-critical applications. IBM® intends to strengthen its enterprise-wide standard DevOps toolchain by creating a job control language (JCL) checker tool named IBM Z JCL Expert and adding the JCL checker to available IBM Z solutions.

Some of the capabilities will be designed to offer enterprise development teams a scalable platform that can enable developers to deliver applications more efficiently and effectively. This feature set could include the following:

  • Capability to identify and correct JCL errors before being added to the scheduler for execution, to help prevent execution time failure and processing delays
  • Automatic validation of site JCL coding standards to help prevent errors and simplify problem diagnosis and documentation, to ensure compliance with JCL coding rules
  • Capability to simplify and streamline projects for hardware and software replacements or upgrades by enabling mass JCL updates, which are intended to accelerate the time to value and reduce staff effort
I was able to share the news in an in-person conference (first time after 18 months, wwhat a great experience) with few users and feedback received were great. Conference I am referring to is the Nordic Workload Automation Conference.
Do you want to learn more about it, don't miss the related session as part of Enteprise Modernization GSE even planned for Oct 26th - Oct 28th, full agenda of the event is available here 
You can register to the event here Registration link.


Thu October 14, 2021 02:32 AM

Thank you Alexander, I updated it in the blog as well as in the Linkedin post

Wed October 13, 2021 08:16 PM

The correct link for the registration is