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Overview of IBM Documentation

By Di Hu posted Thu September 16, 2021 01:29 AM

In the first half of this year, the PL/I online manuals have completed the migration to IBM Documentation.  
IBM Documentation is the newest version of our product documentation site released by IBM with a new user experience. Previously known as Knowledge Center, IBM Documentation is one of the largest product documentation libraries on the web and was ready for a transformation.
IBM Documentation is an enterprise-wide collaboration guided by extensive user research. The new site is built on four primary themes:
  • Modernization (technology transformation)
  • Know me (personalization)
  • Meet me where I am (frictionless experience)
  • Connect me (link me to community and subject matter experts)
IBM Documentation is the culmination of listening and responding to the needs of our users. 
Get started in IBM Enterprise PL/I for z/OS documentation, and look for the guided tour that walks you through the new features.