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By Destination Z posted Mon December 23, 2019 03:29 PM


IBM z Systems mainframes are strategic to cloud, analytics and mobile due to their strengths: scale, security and reliability. The z Systems page at developerWorks has several solutions and tools designed for digital business, especially IBM Bluemix for z Systems, IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM Rational Development and Test Environment for System z, which improve development infrastructure flexibility and availability tied to the DevOps approach.

APIs With Bluemix

z Systems deploys centralized controls for real-time security easily matching requirements for compliance tasks, utilizing test automation solution with regression for performance/scalability mobile tests, exposing data securely to Bluemix and providing flexible systems reporting for cloud environments.

Bluemix makes development much easier since it already has APIs available for developers to interconnect to several applications such as databases or middleware independently of where they are located. Some APIs can securely synchronize data from enterprise environments to expose them to analytic applications inside the Bluemix catalog generating data analysis and dashboards. Bluemix speeds up hybrid application deployment.

Bluemix has integration with z Systems that allows the collection and usage of mainframe data into Bluemix applications, keeping the integrity and security of the data. Also, using the z Systems Hybrid Cloud Connect Test Drive, IBM enables on-premises enterprise systems connection to a public cloud, which allows new applications to run on cloud and core operations on the mainframe to remain on-premises.

Entire Application Cycle With DevOps

DevOps increases the collaboration between developers and operations (other IT areas such as support and security). DevOps improves deployment cycles tied to the agile development method and incorporates security patches and configuration on those more frequent releases. It improves application development and quality assurance since all code releases and application patches are usually tested using automation. Developers have more control of the environments using the DevOps approach, which focus on applications end-to-end process from development to operations. Two solutions for z Systems under DevOps should be considered: IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM Rational Development and Test Environment for System z.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy orchestrates applications deployments and configurations for z/OS, Linux on z Systems and distributed platforms. Automatically deploys new releases or builds to test, quality and production environments facilitating the rapid feedback and continuous development promoting consistent deployments and rollbacks.

IBM UrbanCode Deploy runs processes on several machines simultaneously, creates deployment process using a graphical editor, allows configuration management, stores deployment artifacts, provide audit trails, detects WebSphere Application Server configurations and informs stakeholders of deployment actions such as approvals required for deployment in production environments.

IBM Rational Development and Test Environment for System z enables an environment to run in Intel-compatible platforms for mainframe application development and testing such as z/OS and its related software including middleware. This software is based on the IBM System z Personal Development Tool providing a z Systems architecture that can reduce development and training costs due to a portable environment, freeing up mainframe capacity for production workloads and improving the availability and flexibility of development infrastructure. Also, it improves code quality with automated z/OS unit test.

IBM Rational Development and Test Environment for System z creates a cross-platform for Java applications and Web services for WebSphere Application Server deployment and supports IMS, CICS, Java, PL/I, COBOL and REXX. It enforces the deployment process by deploying an automated common team infrastructure delivering solutions more quickly even in a cross-functional team and cutting development costs and cycle time.

IBM DevOps solutions have innovative services for development, assessment, continuous testing, services for Bluemix, continuous release/deployment and UrbanCode Deploy with patterns. DevOps will transform software delivery lifecycle by deploying applications faster and reducing costs.

Reinventing Enterprise IT

IBM launched the IBM z13 mainframe in January, designed for digital business such as in-transaction analytics for insights and trusted cloud infrastructure platform. IBM z13 systems help protect sensitive transactions to minimize the data exposure and business risk. The IBM z13 enables open-source innovations, improves data resilience and offers more capability.

The IBM z Systems portfolio of solutions bring solutions to reinvent enterprise IT. Connect with me on Twitter @MarcosSylos to continue this discussion.

Marcos Sylos is a Cloud Deployment Architect working in IBM Cloud Managed Services with more than 18 years of experience in IT. He has been working as IT Architect since 2009 and his areas of expertise include cloud, Infrastructure as a Service, Software as a Service, DevOps, systems management and automation.
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