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Build an IBM DB2 for z/OS Mobile Application Using IBM MobileFirst

By Destination Z posted Mon December 23, 2019 03:27 PM


IBM DB2 for z/OS is commonly used to store critical transaction data. A large number of data transactions in banking, retail, insurance and government, etc., occur on DB2 for z/OS because of its quality of service, high availability, security and performance. With increasing use of phones and tablets to browse anything from social media to shopping sites, to gather information for making a decision, mobile access to DB2 for z/OS data is more critical than ever.

The IBM MobileFirst Platform provides an integrated development and testing environment for mobile applications to access data in DB2 for z/OS. The development environment is simplified by combining multiple set of tools, frameworks and codebases into one single development environment, and one codebase to develop and maintain. In other words, you can build your Android, iPad, iPhone applications and more using one codebase.

Implementing Applications

A mobile application, shown on the left of Figure 1, accesses the IBM MobileFirst server, which provides a set of adapters for server-side development. The result from the adapters are converted to JSON format, which can be easily consumed in the mobile application.

Figure 1: IBM MobileFirst Architecture, Simplified

To build a DB2 for z/OS mobile application, you need IBM MobileFirst and DB2 Connect. Optionally, you can install Android development environment, which allows you to write native Android application and/or to run a mobile application in an Android emulator.

Using IBM MobileFirst Developer Studio, two mobile applications were successfully implemented for the following scenarios, which can be used as a basis for building more complex applications:
  1. Retrieve string from string id from SYSIBM.SYSXMLSTRINGS catalog table using regular SQL statements
  2. Execute RUNSTATS for a particular database and tablespace by calling a stored procedure
The built-in Web console can be used to manage and test the mobile applications created (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Mobile Browser Simulator for Android

If the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Android Development Tools (ADT) Eclipse plug-in have been installed, and an Android virtual device is defined, mobile applications can be run in the Android emulator as well (see Figure 3).

Figure 3: Android Emulator

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To learn more about how to build a DB2 for z/OS mobile application, please see my whitepaper “Build a DB2 for z/OS mobile application using IBM MobileFirst.”
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Jane Man is a Senior Software Engineer in DB2 for z/OS development. Jane has more than 14 years’ experience in developing high quality data/content-centric solutions for enterprise customers, and has authored many patents and whitepapers on current technology topics and is a regular speaker in global conferences. Jane is an IBM Certified System Administrator for WebSphere Application Server, IBM Certified Database Administrator for DB2 Universal Database for z/OS, Linux, UNIX and Windows, IBM Certified Solution Designer for DB2 Content Manager, IBM Certified Deployment Profession for Tivoli Storage Manager, and IBM Certified Application developer for DB2 Universal Database Family.