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IBM Z Xplore Reflection

By Daniel Alejandro Morales Castillo posted 12 days ago

Hello, I'm Daniel Castillo from IBM Zsystems Ambassadors, I'll tell you a little about my experience obtaining the IBM Z Xplore Badges

How many badges did you complete?

I have completed the fundamentals, concepts and advanced level of IBM Z Xplore, to get the Badges was somewhat complicated in some exercises but I was able to learn a lot and I liked getting them

How much time did it take you to complete the badges?
To get them late a week, I really worked consistently on it

What did you enjoy the most and did you learn something new?
I really liked doing all the exercises because it was all new to me, I liked zowe, I liked Db2, I liked learning about different IBM technologies, some exercises were complicated but thanks to the IBM Z Xplore community I doubted when I had them, finally I liked being able to work on IBM Z Xplore, it's fun.

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4 days ago

Good job!