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March 2023 documentation refresh for Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 6.3


Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 6.3 documentation is refreshed today to include the following enhancements:

Documentation fixes in COBOL 6.3:

- In Programming Guide:

  • Corrected in a few places to include the mention of UTF-8 data items. (For example, CODEPAGE and Code-page determination for string host variables in SQL statements)
  • Clarified the usage of file record area or buffer for processing. (Optimizing buffer and device space)
  • Added an example to ARITH to show how to use ARITH(EXTEND) to adjust the maximum number of digits that you can code for numeric items. (ARITH)
  • Added a note to clarify the impact of using different EXIT suboptions with IBM Debug for z/OS. (EXIT)

- In Language Reference:

  • Improved the illustration to demonstrate the valid sequences of execution for PERFORM statements by refining the examples and corresponding output. (Basic PERFORM statement)
  • Clarified that do not use the IGY- prefix to define your own compilation variables. (Predefined compilation variables)

The English PDF files are also refreshed to include the updates above. You can find the latest English PDF files from the Enterprise COBOL for z/OS library page at

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