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z/TPF Internship: Program Management

By Colton Cox posted Tue September 28, 2021 12:19 AM

The z/TPF Development Lab is posting a series of educational videos originally recorded during our 2020 z/TPF Customer Internship. Featuring a number of topics spanning the product portfolio, our z/TPF Internship videos are an excellent entry point for new TPFers learning the operating system, as well as a thorough refresher for experienced practitioners. All videos will be collected in the "z/TPF Internship" playlist on our MediaCenter channel.

These videos features a discussion of what's on a z/TPF system - its functions and features - and how it all gets there. You will also learn some critical commands and best practices for the area of program management.

Once you've watched the videos, you can access further information about program management for z/TPF on IBM Documentation. You can also access a PDF of this presentation from our IBM Community Library.

If you have questions about this topic, leave a comment on this post.

Part One:

Part two: