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z/TPF Internship: Real-time runtime metrics collection

By Colton Cox posted Mon August 02, 2021 11:07 AM

The z/TPF Development Lab is posting a series of educational videos originally recorded during our 2020 z/TPF Customer Internship. Featuring a number of topics spanning the product portfolio, our z/TPF Internship videos are an excellent entry point for new TPFers learning the operating system, as well as a thorough refresher for experienced practitioners. All videos will be collected in the "z/TPF Internship" playlist on our MediaCenter channel.

This video features an introduction to real-time runtime metrics collection for z/TPF. With this support, you can leverage statistical analysis, machine learning, and other forms of analysis to diagnose system resource usage issues and limit impacts to service level agreements. This video also features a discussion of name-value pair collection for z/TPF, which can be used to collect resource usage information with name-value pairs and entry control block (ECB) owner names at processing exit or when the ECB owner name changes. 

Once you've watched the video, you can access further information about real-time runtime metrics collection on IBM Documentation. You can also access a starter kit for the z/TPF real-time insights dashboard on IBM Support.

If you have questions about this functionality or want to discuss use cases, leave a comment on this post.