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z/TPF Internship: MQ

By Colton Cox posted Mon August 02, 2021 11:24 AM

The z/TPF Development Lab is posting a series of educational videos originally recorded during our 2020 z/TPF Customer Internship. Featuring a number of topics spanning the product portfolio, our z/TPF Internship videos are an excellent entry point for new TPFers learning the operating system, as well as a thorough refresher for experienced practitioners. All videos will be collected in the "z/TPF Internship" playlist on our MediaCenter channel.

This video features an introduction to MQ for z/TPF. MQ provides enterprise-grade messaging capabilities and the ability to move information between applications, with guaranteed one-time delivery of messages. In this video, you'll also learn a number of commands necessary to operating MQ for your z/TPF system.

Once you've watched the video, you can access further information about MQ for z/TPF on IBM Documentation. You can also access a copy of this presentation from our IBM Community Library.

If you have questions about the function or want to discuss use cases, leave a comment on this post.