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Discover your Journey to AIOps on IBM Z at SHARE Virtual Experience

By Chris Walker posted Fri July 23, 2021 12:55 PM

As we rapidly move through 2021, it's time for the second SHARE conference of the year. Hopefully we'll be attending in-person events again soon, however in the meantime there are many virtual events to keep us all occupied. The SHARE Virtual Experience is one of the leading events for keeping up to date with the latest announcements around the mainframe and as always there are many sessions to choose from.

If you are planning to attend, here are some sessions to add your technical agenda focused on helping you learn more about your Journey to AIOps on IBM Z

SHARE Virtual Experience Live Sessions

The live sessions will run during the week of August 9-13:
  • Real time monitoring and observability - the foundation of your journey to AIOps (Monday August 9 - 1pm ET)
    Learn how real-time resource monitoring and observability with OMEGAMON provides the foundation for ensuring that the z/OS components backstopping hybrid cloud applications are doing their part. Learn how you can now use the thousands of available metrics and intelligent alerts with AI / ML to detect anomalies more quickly and accurately, pinpoint problems for faster resolution (MTTR) and use the depth of in-context information to instantly understand the potential "blast radius" of an issue affecting your hybrid cloud applications.
  • Take a hybrid approach to incident management with IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps and IBM Z (Monday August 9 - 4:15pm ET)
    Today's application landscapes are increasingly hybrid, complex and often include IBM Z. With limited staff, how do you effectively sift through terabytes of data in real-time to identify issues before it disrupts your business or becomes an outage?
    Organizations are drawn to the promise of AIOps to leverage AI driven insights to make quick and accurate decisions to maintain resiliencey. IBM's Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps now supports IBM Z to help enable your teams to quickly and confidently discover, assess and resolve operational incidents across mission critical applications that include IBM Z. Join us as we demonstrate AI-driven incident detection and problem resolution for a hybrid application with the backend running on IBM Z.
  • Self-servicing dashboards with IBM Service Management Unite at Dutch Tax Office (Wednesday August 11 - 11:45am ET)
    IBM Service Management Unite (SMU) is a web-based and highly customizable dashboard user interface that brings mainframe management information and tasks from disparate sources (e.g. from automation, monitoring, network management, and scheduling) into a single environment. Emile Stoffels is an Automation & Monitoring system specialist at the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. The focus of his activities is mainly in automating processes and offering user-friendly solutions. Spearheads of his work are “Unattended Operation” and “Self Service”. In this session, Emile will highlight his experience with SMU to deploy it and use it as a focal point, from where the entire mainframe system environment can be managed and monitored by, for example, the customer himself.
  • Resolving User Problems with the Z NetView REST Server (Thursday August 12 - 11:45am ET)
    The speaker will provide troubleshooting and problem resolution information on user problems that have occurred related to the Z NetView Rest Server. In addition to reported problems with the REST Server itself, the speaker will cover scenarios about why no data is returned from the REST APIs and why information from a remote NetView program is not returned.

On-demand Sessions

These sessions will be available from August 2 for registered attendees. We have several sessions that provide a deep-dive view into the technology behind our solutions:

We look forward to seeing you in our live sessions and hearing your questions and feedback.