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IBM Fault Analyzer for zOS and IBM File Manager for zOS 14.1.15 Continuous Delivery Updates

By Chris Hoina posted Mon December 06, 2021 04:39 PM

As the IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS and IBM File Manager for z/OS teams work diligently on the next continuous delivery update we'd like to highlight our team's most recent delivery.  This latest CD update, now generally available, brings many enhancements and changes. 
IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS® v14.1.15 delivers the following: 
  • Write to Operator (WTO) messages issued by the abending job are now included in the real-time analysis report with any invocation exit (except when running under CICS)
  • A new user exit, IDIXLOCK, provides the capability to control fault entry locking across an installation (e.g. ability to restrict how long a fault entry can be locked for)
  • The DETAIL(LONG) option now includes all types of registers in the event details section of the fault analysis report
  • A new Interactive Reanalysis Option enables you to recover user notes that would otherwise be lost when interactive reanalysis has not completed successfully
  • A new EDIT point-and-shoot field has been added to selected files and paths within the Java information section of the interactive report
  • Also now available, in conjunction with the base v14.1.15 PTF, is the corresponding Japanese language feature PTF
IBM File Manger for z/OS® v14.1.15 brings with it the following:
Host enhancements 
  • All template types can be managed from a list that includes the following features:
    • Visibility of member generations for PDSE version 2 data sets
    • A lock mechanism to prevent unintentional template edit changes
    • The ability to change the default value for formatting leading zeros with numeric fields
    • The ability to compare templates in their exported XML format
  •  Compare provides the location information for sequence errors
  •  Remote connections definitions now support the specification of a pass phrase
  •  A new installation option, CERTRUST, allows users to specify a trust store other than SITE for remote services (when/where the IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS Common Component Server is configured for SSL/TLS)
Client Enhancements 
  • Users can import CSV documents to a host data set
  • Temporary changes can now be applied to templates used in edit and view sessions
  • Template members can be locked to prevent unintentional template edit changes
  • The default value for formatting leading zeros can be changed for template members
  • Record lengths can be displayed in edit and view sessions
As always, the team welcomes any feedback you might have, and look forward to the next CD update.  The team would also like to wishe you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2022!
Both CD updates are now available for download via Shop Z.  You can find the latest, most detailed service information here for :
And we encourage you to submit requests for enhancement via our IBM RFE Community.  Visit today to submit, and vote on existing enhancements.  Submit an RFE.