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What's new in IBM File Manager for z/OS® Version 14.1.12?


The IBM File Manager for z/OS® (aka "FM") team brings to you another quarterly Continuous Delivery (CD) update; this time version 14.1.12.  This most recent update includes various fixes and enhancements to both the ISPF 3270 and Eclipse-based GUI.  Some of our readers may recognize these enhancements as our development teams were directly influenced by the requests submitted to our RFE community.  Fixes and enhancements are as included: 

ISPF 3270 enhancements/fixes

  • FM/IMS now supports the ability to build templates based on IMS Catalog definitions
  • A new SETCICS function has been provided to modify the status of CICS resources in batch or keyword mode
  • A new compare option to sort before compare has been added to be used with Keyed or Read-ahead Keyed synchronization
  • Compare processing has been changed to allow the same output definition so that Inserted and New Changed records can be written to the same output file (similarly, the same output definition can be used to have the Deleted and Old Changed records written to the same output file)
  • New options for template editing have been added so a user can “A” (always) edit or “R” (re-edit) a template when running a view or an edit session
  • The identification criteria for IMS extract templates can be modified
  • HOLD fields will now hold in SNGL mode as well as TABL mode

Client (Eclipse-based GUI) enhancements/fixes

  • A new feature to print and view copybooks and templates has been added 
  • The unformatted editor now has block mode selection and a crosshair, similar to other Eclipse editors (activated by ALT+SHIFT+A)
  • The GUI has been enhanced to incorporate latest compare functionality, including:
    • Keyed read ahead
    • Long listing excludes
    • Sort before compare
    • Latest formatted and template reporting options, and
    • Latest LMOD compare options
  • It is now possible to set/unset groups of fields, or all fields at once, in the Template Editor 
  • Exporting files in CSV format now supports a broad range of options including:
    • Choice of delimiter
    • How values are quoted, and
    • How fillers and redefines are handled
  • More color customization options are available for the formatted and unformatted editor
  • The unformatted editor now has an optional ruler bar similar to that found in the ISPF 3270 interface

Detailed service information on IBM File Manager for z/OS® can be found at our support page here, an updated User's Guide is now available, and remember to visit the RFE Community to submit enhancement ideas. 

Finally, be sure to check back for updates as we'll continue to deliver CD updates on a quarterly basis!

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