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What's new in IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS® Version 14.1.12?


The IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS® (aka "FA") team brings to you another quarterly Continuous Delivery (CD) update; this time version 14.1.12.  This most recent update includes various fixes and enhancements to both the ISPF 3270 and Eclipse-based GUI.  Some of our readers may recognize these enhancements as our development teams were directly influenced by the requests submitted to our RFE community

Fixes and enhancements are as included: 

  • Two new formatting user exit REXX commands have been added, IDIPUT and IDIGET (these commands allow data that may only be available at real-time to be stored, and subsequently retrieved, in a Fault Entry)
  • A new option, JclCapture, has been added (with this option set, an abending job JCL will be included in the Fault Entry; the JCL can then be viewed during interactive reanalysis using either the “Abend Job JCL” point-and-shoot field or the new JCL command)
  • Two new columns have been added to the Fault Entry List display:
    •  Date_Time
    • Dup_Date_Time
  • Enhancements have been made to the Column Attributes display match criteria and the MATCH command (these enhancements provide greater flexibility when filtering Fault Entries)
  • Ability to retrieve COBOL Special Register values in Dump
  • Currency support for:
    • COBOL 6.3 UTF-8
    • COBOL 6.3 DLEI

Detailed service information on IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS® can be found at our support page here, an updated User's Guide is now available, and remember to visit the RFE Community to submit enhancement ideas. 

Finally, be sure to check back for updates as we'll continue to deliver CD updates on a quarterly basis!

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