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Jumpstart z/OS modernization with new no-charge products


IBM announced adding Open Enterprise SDK for Python (Python), Z Open Automation Utilities (ZOAU), and Open Enterprise Foundation for z/OS (OEF) to z/OS 3.1 as bypassable requisites, effective on July 1st, 2024, see z/OS 3.1 2Q 2024 Enhancement blog.

Many IBM Z clients have adopted these emerging technologies to accelerate their mainframe modernization strategies. Python and Open Enterprise Foundation are fundamental to accelerating IBM Z application modernization with open-source technologies. Z Open Automation Utilities adds powerful ways to interact with Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) facilities and data sets directly from z/OS UNIX System Services and offers Python integration points.

New z/OS 3.1 orders in Shopz will include these bypassable requisite offerings so that they can be ordered to arrive in a deployable aggregated package to streamline the deployment experience. Existing z/OS installations can consider ordering these offerings as separate deployable packages as usual.

Starting July 1st, these offerings will be available at a no-charge license and no-charge Software Subscription and Support (S&S). This in turn will help IBM Z users manage z/OS resources more efficiently and modernize applications and data to gain competitive advantages.

For more product-related information, find the corresponding webpages for Open Enterprise SDK for Python, Open Enterprise Foundation for z/OS, and Z Open Automation Utilities.


17 days ago

Gary, Easy! Just look for these products on Shopz and select them.


As mentioned above, you can get them with or without z/OS 3.1!  And if you prefer to get them on their own, they can easily be added to your z/OS GLOBAL CSI so that they can be deployed with your next z/OS deployment.  

18 days ago

On 7/1/2024, what do we order from Shopz regarding Python and ZOAU? We are running z/OS 3.1 and have Open Enterprise Foundation installed.