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Want to Learn How a Modern, Event-Driven Solution Using Node.js was Completed in a Single Weekend?

By Chandni Dinani posted Wed July 21, 2021 02:15 PM


Read Paul Scott's latest blog about how he built a prototype for a modern, event-driven solution using Node.js that was completed in a single weekend.

Link to the blog post: Calling rexx from Node.js as a global web application component on z/OS

About the author: 

Paul Scott — Chief Architect / Web Enablement Technologies

Paul has over 35 years of cross-industry IT experience writing software for IBM mainframes and various other platforms in Assembly language, C, C++, Java, and most scripting languages native to those environments. He worked in the banking, communications, health care, and software industries on projects as diverse as language and OS conversions, automated teller machines, RDS/TMC broadcasting, graphical applications, remote printing, and system software. Currently, Paul is leading a modernization project bringing web technologies to existing products and bridging internal systems to the worldwide web.